Gallery Plugin for Multiple Photosites

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    Anyone know if it is possible. I have a client who wishes to have a section of wordpress that shows photos from Flickr, Photobucket and probably Picasa all on one page. Basically I want a feed from all of those sites.

    I have looked up kpicasa and many other tools that grab from a specific gallery name from a specific username on that site. What about one that grabs tags from those sites. I understand that could open up the door for it to grab many irrelevant pictures, but the tag that it would pull is very specific in name (for example the tag might be “TheLighningGroup” rather than “light”).I see Lifestream: but Im not sure if this would really handle all of those gallery sites and work on the basis of tags.

    I honestly think this might be out of WordPress’ capabilities but you never know. Any ideas of either a plugin or a way of getting 3 plugins (kPicasa, FlickrManager, and some photobucket plugin) to feed into one single page would be helpful.



    Sorry to say, it sounds like you’re in the wrong forum. This is the forum for WordPress.COM, the hosted version.

    Please head on over to for self-hosted WordPress since we cannot use plugins here.

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