Gallery Post Format shows Blank on Front Page

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    My theme is Selecta which allows Post Format – and when I select Gallery Post Format, on my Front Page it shows the title and then blank ! I’m puzzled.

    – for my earlier posts in 2011, it was OK – it showed the featured image of the gallery, very similar to: for the post Fall In Luxemburg

    What am I missing? Has wordpress changed now?

    My page is:, and the post is titled “Still Life”


    The blog I need help with is



    Still no luck, trying whole day to get “Gallery Post Format” to work.
    The front page is not showing the right thing, and out of synch with the post.

    Only one thing I realise is that you cannot select existing media files in the library, it will not show up any image on the front page – so it will be blank. So you need to go to the post, and add media , then upload files (even if you already have that in the library) for the gallery, then create gallery. Then it will show one of the files – which file is RANDOM! You can’t even decide which one of the image in the gallery to show on the front page. Why?
    It is just too hard to get gallery format to work like in the past!
    Gallery Post format was such a great format for Selecta theme, that’s why I chose it. But now, it doesn’t want to work in a predictable manner. Is it a bug due to some changes in WP that does not synchronise the post with the front page? There seems to be an invisible cache that is not synchronised…..

    Hopefully someone could help me with this! Thanks!



    Finally I got Gallery Post Format to work doing the following (hopefully it will help someone who has the same mind boggling encounter):

    1. Delete old posts permanently from trash <- i imagine this will get rid of any kind of weird random behaviour.
    2. In the post: Select Gallery Format. Then add media, create gallery, then upload the photos in order – it looks like either the first one or last one uploaded is the one to be displayed on Front Page (I uploaded the one I want to display on Front Page first and last)
    3. Update Gallery, update post.


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