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[Gallery] Privacy Question

  1. Hi there,

    When inserting an image into the gallery, I would like to know how I can disable the permalink and/or the "Save as..." image feature.

    I'm a photographer, and I was just looking to display my work, not for people to steal it, and I'm pretty conscious about the work I put up, so I would like to restrict image theft as much as possible.

    I don't want to put up a copyright (wanna be professional). I just want to "disable" the whole permalink thing that comes when you click on a thumbnail in the gallery, and/or disable the "Right click" feature!

    Help much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. I don't think there is a way to disable those features, as they are built into the Gallery. You may want to consider other ways of displaying your photos or applying some of these techniques to try to deter people from saving your images.
    However, please keep in mind that they are only there to deter. There is no way to physically prevent anyone from saving your images.

  3. ~~@airodyssey entirely correct. At the present time it is not possible to disable those features and many modern browsers simply ignore them. Watermarking is the way to go, especially for images in a Gallery, as we don't have access to the attachment page code to use the CSS overlay method mentioned in that other thread. That's good for individual photos inserted in a Page or Post and also not entirely effective at preventing image theft either.

  4. Well....first of all thank you so much for the quick reply!!! I'd just like to know then...what do other photographers / photobloggers do...I mean, are they all putting a copyright??

    Well, since I really want the gallery feature to display my work..apart from watermarks...what other method is there to stop people from copying my work (copyright? - how do I do that?)...or if not copying...sort of discourage them from a lower resolution image???


  5. Technically speaking anything you create is immediately given copyright whether you've put up a copyright notice or not. That isn't to say that some people couldn't care less and will be posting your photo somewhere else with their name on it or using it without giving you credit for it (been there, done that).

    So, post things with the foreknowledge that someone is going to take it and use it. If it matters to you then put a semi-transparent watermark on it, only post lower resolution images post a notice on your site about your copyright (it's OK even professionals do it), or release your images under a Creative Commons license.

    If you are a professional photographer and can afford it, there is also digital watermarking which is embedded in the EXIF of an image, which can also be gotten around if someone is determined.

    Read the post that airodyssey mentioned in his post above, specifically the comment from timethief

  6. Anything you put on the web will get lifted at some point. There simply isn't any way around that. Even the overlay method only requires you to view the sourcecode for the page and you can pull the URL out of there.

    Even if you block somehow all right click save as and such, all someone has to do is take a screenshot.

  7. K i'll check this out soon!!...thanks a lot!..

    Also...any idea about "feeds" that appear in devices using "Pulse Reader"?...I mean, I've tried it, but my images do not appear! How do I resolve this?

  8. Pulse reader is for iPads. You may be able to get help here > ipad >

  9. Well..the pulse reader is also available for android! I've added my blog on both devices...and images still don't appear. Could you give me a link where this issue is looked upon...I can't understand anything from the link youve give me timethief...sorry....but thanks a lot!

  10. Thanks for the additional information. I don't have a mobile. If it is the app written by wordpress you need to inquire over at

  11. Huh??..No!!!!...The app isn't written by wordpress! It's called "Pulse" and its not only my blog that has the issue...many blogs do, however, after reading the forums on Pulse, I've learnt that they (Pulse themselves) are asking bloggers to request WordPress to add Images from posts in the RSS XML files!...

  12. Depending on how you've set up your Reading Settings>For each article in a feed, show either "Full Text" or "Summary", then will either send out your entire post to feed readers or only an excerpt.

    How feed readers display those feeds is not a issue. Different feed readers display feeds differently.

  13. Ahow!!!...Wow...I didn't know that would make a big difference!! Thanks a lot justjennifer!!...appreciate the help guys!! Cheers!

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