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    Hi! I’m having a problem adding photos the way I want to. In my latest post, I wanted to add 5 photos – 4 in a gallery and 1 directly in the posting, on its own. But as far as I can figure out, this is impossible. As I added all shots at the same time, they all appear on the Gallery tab (in Upload/Insert pics), and on that tab I’ve numbered the 4 I want to use in the gallery and left the 5th blank. But if I insert this gallery, I get all 5 images. If I delete the 5th image from the gallery, it gets deleted completely. This is the posting in question:
    As you can see, the 1st image is gone. I’ve tried different ways of adding and moving it around, but nothing seems to help. Does anybody know how to fix this or what I’m doing wrong…? I’d really appreciate some help.

    The blog I need help with is



    OK, so I finally found the solution! and have added the shot separately as described there. But, I find it strange that in the Media Library, the info shows that the photo is attached to another posting. I understand that this is to do with the way I had to add it to an exisitng post, but it is in fact not attached to that any longer. Is this just something one has to accept? And this complicated way of adding gallery plus separate pics in a post, just the way it is or? And why is it renaming the photo (adding number at end) every time I upload/insert it, when I’ve deleted it first? I mean, there is only one version present so there shouldn’t be any need to prevent “overwriting” when there’s nothing to overwrite? Confused, hope someone can explain – thanks!

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