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    I am unable to add a new photo to my gallery page using the new theme. I did have a gallery page that soon became outdated, so I had to delete it. This means, if I understand the process correctly, I need to REUPLOAD ALL MY PHOTOS (already in my media library) to create another gallery page. (This can’t be correct.) If you can tell me how to create a gallery page using this new theme and the photos in my media library, I’d appreciate it.

    I’d also like to know how to add photos to an existing gallery page (future reference). The instructions currently posted don’t work for me with this theme. Options simply don’t appear. I don’t know if this is a theme defect or what.

    Also, when I place the widget “recent posts” in my sidebar with this new theme. they don’t appear in my main page. This is also an issue.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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    Galleries are built ouf of the images attached to a page, and images are only attached when they’re uploaded through the page in question.

    If you delete the gallery page, you’ll need to re-upload the image through the new gallery page.

    As for the widget, it has been added correctly, but you don’t have any published Posts, so nothing will appear there.



    Hi Macmanx. I know galleries come from photos added to a page. I built one that became outdated. I had to build a brand new website to create the gallery, too. That seems like it cant be correct – thus my email to you.

    I want to know how to create a gallery using photos in the media library. I do not get the gallery options unless I upload them all again. It wont let me grab all the photos at once (to then generate the gallery option). I know where the add button is, but I seem to be required to create a gallery from OFFLINE files, not photos in my media library – resulting in many duplicate photos and wasted space.

    As for the widget, I guess you are saying recent PAGES dont count? Only POSTS, correct? Is there any way to show recent pages?

    Thanks in advance.



    A gallery on a particular post or page draws images from the images that have been attached to that post or page. The only way to attach images to a post or page is to upload them via that page. There is no way to construct a gallery from the media library. They will need to be re-uploaded through the new page.

    Yes, the Recent Posts widget only shows recent posts. There’s no such widget for pages since they don’t carry active publish dates, so there’s no way to tell what is “recent.”



    Let me try this again, as I ALSO cant preview drafts in this theme. It gives me a 404 error. I can preview photos in my previous theme.

    To review I would appreciate a video or something on how to create galleries using photos in a MEDIA library (already uploaded). Is there a way to select all using the media database. If not, I am requesting that WP consider adding this feature so that photos dont have to be duplicated in mass. When I try to do this, I dont get the create a gallery option. Even if I add them one-by-one, I dont have the gallery option. I found the existing training page but it doesnt talk to this so I think it is missing this feature.

    I would like to request a way to status recent pages for those who create blogs with pages. I like the drop down menus in the new theme and that is the only way I can get these to work.

    Most importantly, since I paid for the upgrade to convert from a site to which does not work properly – you get a certificate error on sign out that tells people they have visited a bad page – I would like this error fixed. So either I forgot to do something to fix this, or WP needs to do something to fix this for visitors to my site. Or are you saying of the millions who convert, they all get this pop up message saying they’ve visited a bad site at signoff when editing their newly converted web site? Then you should warn your users before they pay to convert that they will from that point on get pop up error messages that their sites are now not certified.

    Thank you in advance.



    There is no way to add images straight from a gallery. We will consider it, but for now you’ll need to upload them directly in the desired page.

    The error you’re seeing is really just a misguided alert. You can check for more details and see the reasoning.

    Basically, we use secure certificates to keep your data safe when working in the Dashboard, but secure certificates have to be signed to a specific domain. Since we can’t provide secure certificates for every mapped domain, our certificates are signed to So, your browser is seeing you access with a certificate signed for and warning you that my be intercepting your connection, which of course is perfectly fine in this case.

    Only users with access to the Dashboard will see the alert.

    As for the preview error, please make sure that you have both first and third-party cookies enabled. This is a bug in Firefox that we have no control over.

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