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    Tried out the new Gallery feature on my photoblog (Random Acts of Photography)and have run into a couple of problems.

    First problem-“alt” tags: When I initially uploaded the photos using the Flash Uploader, I didn’t include Captions for the photos because I didn’t want them displayed on my thumbnail images. After reading that the text for Caption is what assigns the “alt” tag on images, I went back to the Media Library and entered the text in the line “Caption” where the instructions say, “Caption: ‘Alternate text, e.g. “The Mona Lisa”‘. That generated a Caption under the thumbnail image, but no “alt” tag appears either on the page where the thumbnail is displayed or on the page where the individual photo is displayed.

    I then tried uploading a new Gallery to a test post and included the Caption to see if it generated the “alt” tag. It didn’t.

    Next problem-Image appears as “Post”: after clicking on one of the Gallery thumbnails you are taken to what appears to be another Post page displaying the image. There is even a category assigned to that image Post, “uncategorized”. However, if you click on that category link, you end up at a 404 Error page.

    Commenting is also available on that individual image Post. There isn’t a way to edit the Post, except as an image via the Media Library, or turn commenting off.

    I’m not sure that these problems are something I can correct. It appears to be in the way the Gallery is set up.

    Your work arounds and thoughts are welcome.



    I’ve heard that the Alt rollover text displays on some browsers and not on others. What are you using?



    Rain-the “Title” tag, which is what displays on hover, shows up in FF, which is what I’m using.

    It’s the “alt” text tags, which is what appears when your image doesn’t show up for some reason and gets picked up by search engines, that isn’t appearing in Gallery images. If you look at the source code, under “img src”, you’ll see alt=”” , i.e. empty.



    Ah, thanks. I shall investigate further. I think tsp was dealing with some image questions a few days ago, but he’s probably a bit fried and taking five. Maybe someone on those threads can chime in or you can find something related on Search?




    There is extensive discussion as it relates to individual images both here and on onecoolsite. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to be able to apply the lessons learned to images that are batch uploaded and inserted as a Gallery [gallery]. It seems to behave differently.



    So-a support request/bug report?


    I’m quite interested in this part

    “Commenting is also available on that individual image Post. There isn’t a way to edit the Post, except as an image via the Media Library, or turn commenting off.”




    Just updating for anyone else that might be interested in the information:

    Nick replied to my support request saying that they were aware of the problem with the “alt” tags being stripped out after inserting a Gallery into a post and that they were working on it. (This is not the same problem as correcting the “alt” tags in an individual image in a post, which has received a lot of attention and assistance thanks to TSP. This is a problem specific to images inserted using Gallery-read above.)

    As far as the individual “Post” pages you go to after clicking on a Gallery thumbnail, Nick noted that those pages are “attachments” to the original Post where the Gallery appears and that there’s no way to edit them. (Conclusion, in order to avoid the 404 error by clicking on the “uncategorized” category link that appears on the attachment page, include this category on at least one post on your blog.)

    With commenting, the work-around Nick suggested is to turn off commenting for your entire blog under Settings>Discussion> and clearing “Allow people to post comments on the article”. Then turn on commenting for individual posts. For me this doesn’t seem to be working. Although I’ve turned commenting off for the entire blog, it’s still active (Another bug?).

    Hope these problems get resolved at some point.


    Just for grins, you might want to take a look at Road’s post at onecoolsite on the image tags issues, and also read his followup in the comments.



    Richard, if you look in the comments on that post you might see me there. :) I’ve just gone a bit grayer after reading the updates. :/ Thanks for the heads up.

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