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Gallery question - attachment pages

  1. So I used the gallery feature yesterday for the first time since the dashboard changed. I specifically chose the option to link the thumbnails to the image file and NOT the attachment page (because I hate that we have no control over the attachment page). So I'm looking at my stats today and what do I see? A bunch of views to attachment pages! What the heck is going on? Did I do something wrong?

  2. BTW - when I click on the photos in the gallery, I am properly taken to the larger image and NOT an attachment page. (The post is here ) So I am stumped as to how folks are even getting to the attachment page (like this one )

  3. Beats me, too. I definitely cannot access an attachment page in your blog. Tried the same thing in mine, and the stats give me visits to the post only, not an attachment page. I even tried it again after switching the default for uploading to "Post URL" (which also gives you an attachment page), just in case: no difference. I guess that's one for Jennifer!

  4. I just figured it out - those links are coming from my email subscribers! (I subscribe to my own email list.)

    Hmm - now the question is why? Why is the feed going to the attachment pages?

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