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    I have a photo blog in which I want to have a running gallery. I want to be able to simply add photos to this one single gallery every time I upload new photos. I am having troubles adding photos to this already existing gallery. Can anyone help me?

    Gallery URL:

    Thanks in advance!


    Probably what you would want to do is to set up a page for the gallery. Then upload and insert the images with the gallery feature. When you want to add more images, open that page for edit, upload the additional images (which will add them to the gallery and then press the “update post” button. I’d give it a try on a small scale to see how it works.

    If you are going to have a lot of images I would suggest having multiple gallery pages so that the page loading times don’t get too long. There are still a good number of people out there on dialup, and slower DSL.



    Is there anyway I can use the gallery feature instead of manually uploading each picture?


    The gallery feature is just for display of the images and has nothing to do with uploading.

    The main uploader is flash based and you can upload multiple images at one time. To use the gallery feature though and have the later images included in that gallery, you will have to have that gallery page open in the editor when you upload the images. The images attach to the page, so if they are uploaded while another page is open, they will only show up in the gallery tab for that page, not the original. Basically always upload the images with the page you want them to appear on active in the page editor.



    Oh ok thank you.



    is there a windows uploader like flickr?
    web is clunky

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