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    I know this has been discussed briefly in the support forums in the past ( ) but I just wanted to echo that WordPress may want to look into creating a solution to this problem. As I understand it, as of now there is no way to create a gallery in a new page containing images from your media library that are uploaded/attached to existing posts. Instead, you have to re-upload, or manually put them in the HTML tab–but if you do that, it still does not show up as a “gallery” in the editor for that page, thus without the gallery options.

    There must be some way to start a new page and have the option to create a galley and then just go through and flag the existing pictures in your media library that you want to include. It seems silly to have to re-upload images twice to make a new gallery of them.

    The blog I need help with is



    Someday, we can hope it will be easier, but until then, you don’t have to reupload them. Just use “include” and the image ID number in the Gallery shortcode. This has to be written in the HTML editor

    Your code would look something like [ gallery include=”153,249,451,455,749″ ] (without spaces after and before the brackets)

    If you want to display an entire Gallery from another Post/Page, use the Post ID number instead: [ gallery id=”253″ ]

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