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    I have done multiple searches relating to galleries but I can’t seem to find the beginner information. Is it really that difficult to create a seperate page and have pictures organized by subject matter or date? Most everything I have read so far requires the use of tags but no practical guide or examples of using those tags.

    I guess im an looking for something like this,

    Thank you



    I haven’t used the gallery features much myself, but there are some helpful hints on the wordpress codex dealing with the shortcodes like the following link but that is for the downloadable version of wordpress. Have you also searched the FAQ here as well?




    I use BubbleShare for galleries, and it works quite well.



    @twhittington – the gallery is easy, once you remember that you need to upload the photos for every post or page using the gallery feature TO that post or page, even if you’ve already uploaded them. Once they’re uploaded, just type — without the spaces — [ gallery ] and they will appear in the order you uploaded them. If you need to re-order them, follow the brief instructions here:

    In Matt’s blog, the Houston gallery, for example is a post not a page.

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