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Gallery shortcode and orderby

  1. I have uploaded images and named each file according to the order I would like them to be displayed in when inserted as a gallery. (a-file.jpg, b-file.jpg, c-file.jpg) When these are inserted as a gallery, they are displayed in this order by default:


    Hmm. I have looked at the info about using the gallery shortcode and I see there is this option:

    specify the sort order used to display thumbnails. The default is "menu_order ASC, ID ASC".

    So, what are some NON-DEFAULT values for this? I tried

    [gallery orderby="name"]

    and NO gallery images were displayed.

    All comments appreciated!

  2. Also, when images are inserted via the new image uploader, the alignment doesn't work (using Hemingway theme.)

  3. Related to last comment, I replaced class="alignright" with class="right" (a class I have manually used previously) and also added margins to the image via inline styles (since they are not included in the "right" class), but inline styles now appear to be stripped?

  4. And, any way to EXCLUDE an image from a gallery?

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