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    I want to create a fotoalbum page where I can group my galleries. Because thr gallery itself takes in a lot of space I want a frontpicture for every gallery whichs links to the actual carousel. Then my photopage will have say ten pictures with titles and when you click on them you see the whole gallery. Hope this is possible. Also I would like to add plugins, or is this only possible with a .org blog? Thanks so much in advance!!

    The blog I need help with is



    I do like your current Gallery page, but as you add more and more images to it, it could become very slow loading for some visitors.

    Here are two suggestions to have a separate Gallery page which will highlight your images without slowing down page load time:
    1. Use a Custom Menu to display all your Gallery posts on a dynamically created page. Whenever anyone clicks on the link to the Gallery in the Custom Menu, a page will be created that contains all the Posts in a particular category/tag/post format. People will then click through to the Post where the images appear.

    2. Create a Page yourself by inserting a thumbnail image or images from the Media Library and a link to a Child/Sub Page with the full Gallery. You don’t have to upload and insert the images again, just use the following shortcode:
    [gallery id="XXX"] where XXX represents the ID number of the post where the Gallery originally appeared. You can find that number by hovering your mouse over the Post on the Posts page in the Dashboard and looking for the number that appears after the word “post=”

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