Gallery Show breaks Browser sidebar and chrome

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    on my latest post:
    clicking a thumbnail successfully starts the gallery view,
    but closing the gallery returns the browser to the post page

    without any side bar scroll. attempting to scroll the page up or down doesn’t work.

    I have refresh the page to get the browser to work properly again.

    the problem happens Firefox 18, Firefox 18 safe mode, Opera 12.

    on Ubuntu 12.04 -Gnome 3.4

    I have to test it on Windows and Chrome browser later.

    The blog I need help with is



    problem remains in Windows 7.
    using Chrome, Firefox Beta, and Palemoon 64 browsers
    (sorry I use my windows for testing and special stuff)

    I should probably Yank my new post soon, as its actually breaking the browser view.

    I hope the Happiness Engineers are watching the forums this morning.



    They same problem with a much older gallery at my other blog:

    after closing the gallery show the scrollbar breaks and I cannot scroll with a mouse wheel.
    (I have to believe that other blogs have this problem, also)



    fixed. working and correctly

    thank you —who ever fixed the bug.

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