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    I use the Slideshow facility at bottom of all my Pages – having ordered the Images within the Gallery settings – as I want them to appear in the Slideshow.
    The last Images I uploaded were in June/July 2012 and all was ok then with a Gallery and Slideshow for each Page .

    I have just uploaded a new Image to a Page and all of my previous Gallery Images still appear – in the correct order within my Slideshow. However I cannot find how to add my new image to the existing Gallery so that it will also appear in the Slideshow.

    In the new Media Manager I can only see a button for making a “New Gallery”

    Can you advise me please

    The blog I need help with is



    The Slideshow is now part of the Gallery feature.

    If you want to edit an existing slideshow, click on the Gallery placeholder in the Visual tab of the Post Editor. You should see a link on the left side “Edit Gallery” or “Add to Gallery.” Remember to Update when you are done.


    Thanks for your response Justjennifer

    Unfortunately I didn’t describe my problem correctly and this is, I hope, a better description .

    I previously uploaded all my Photos (individually) – to be placed in various groupings – on their respective Pages. Newer Photos being placed within these groups wherever appropriate.
    As I wished to use separate lines of Text between these Photos, from time to time, I decided not to use “Gallery”.
    However I used the [slideshow] shortcode at bottom of each page.

    I positioned my Photos to appear, in the order I wanted them to appear within the Slideshow, from the Edit Page.
    After clicking on Edit Image and I clicked on Media Library which brought up Thumbnails of all the Photos related to that Page.
    Then I could Drag and Drop my Newly Uploaded Photos into the order I wanted them to be seen before updating and Inserting in to Slideshow.
    Now I can’t seem to do this.

    My Slideshow still works but newly uploaded Photos get placed at either the beginning or the end rather than in their proper place within their related group.
    This can be seen on the Staff Events – Club page where my latest uploaded photo appears – within a Red Border, sixth place down the page – but not in the correct place in the Slideshow.



    The Gallery feature was entirely revamped in November last year and it now makes it easy to insert as many Galleries in a post as you wish and where you wish, using uploaded images or images previously uploaded. You might want to have a look at my post here.

    As to the problem of the newly added photos appearing out of order, other than suggesting that you delete the slideshow from your page, save the page and then re-add the slideshow, I don’t really have any advice to give. (I know that someone else mentioned this problem when using image Attachment pages, but that is not your case.) I will tag this for Staff assistance in the hope that they can look into this deeper.



    Thank You Justjennifer,

    Unfortunately there is still a misunderstanding of my problem which, in a nutshell, is this:

    1) I Do Not wish to use “Gallery”.

    2) I wish to continue placing Photos individually on the Page within their appropriate groups

    3) I wish to continue using the [slideshow] shortcode – to provide a Slideshow located at bottom of my Pages.

    3) I wish to continue Re-Order the position my Photos appear in – within the Slideshow – As Before.

    Why has this useful facility – for those not using Galleries – changed and is there no possibility of it being re-instated or a Workaround provided – for those who require the choice ? ?

    Many thanks for your responses so far



    Good afternoon! I was not saying that you needed to use the Gallery, only that it could be an option for you since the change in November.

    This thread has been tagged for a Staff assist on the image reorder problem, so as it is a holiday today in most places, thanks for being patient.


    Thanks Justjennifer for your advice and attention. I will await further response from Staff



    This appears to be the same thing we were discussing at

    Let’s continue there.



    /head desk
    Sorry for the trouble, macmanx!



    No worries. :)

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