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    Hi there,
    I would like to add a slideshow to this page on my site:
    Because I already have an image inserted in the post every time I try to insert the slideshow it includes this image also.
    I have tried numbering the images and leaving this image out but it does not work. Is there someway of leaving this image as part of the post but not part of the slideshow?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you want to exclude that picture from Gallery then it you can do it. See this >
    But if you want to exclude it from a slideshow then it is not possible.



    If you have a published post or page that doesn’t use the Gallery feature (like an About page), use it to upload the extra images that you don’t want included in the slideshow.

    Once you’ve uploaded the images, close the uploader, close the post or page that you used to upload the images and reopen the post or page where you want to insert the extra images. Now you can insert them in your post directly from the “Add Media” button>Image Uploader Media Library tab.

    See here for a demo:



    Great! Bookmarked it for the future use. :)



    I have been having problems with the WordPress Gallery in the media
    selector application for some times now and from what I have seen
    online, a lot of other people have too. So now I am going to tell you
    what I think. The support information for the Gallery feature is not
    accurate or helpfull. It does not appear to be possible or practical
    to exclude or include certain images from the Gallery and if it can be
    done, Support doesn’t make it clear how to find the correct image id
    descriptors for the ‘exclude’ command. In any case, it should be
    obvious by now to the Support team, that your Gallery feature is not
    an enjoyable WordPress feature. I am reluctant to try other web based
    galleries such as Cinecopa with WordPress, simply because I think that
    the Gallery feature should work better from within the WordPress
    website environment. So that’s it. Take it or leave it, but if it’s
    leave it, I will be discussing the issue with other WordPress users.



    Thank you justjennifer! Worked a treat! :)

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