Gallery that was there in the post has now disappeared

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    It worked without problem until a few days ago: now if you visit that particular post (“I hope you will forgive me for this …”) there’s a big gap where the page view of the gallery is.
    Can someone tell me why, if this problem didn’t exist for nearly a fortnight, it now does? – and how do I fix it?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    Would you please provide a link to the post or page you are referring to?

    and now it’s back again. This happened the other day, too: in scrolling through posts till reaching that one, the gallery doesn’t appear in it (but you can click in the empty space and you’re taken to the slideshow). And then, a couple of hours later, it was working fine.
    I would like to ensure that however I inserted it is correct, and that it isn’t something I’ve done, please.



    Oh Rats! I didn’t realize that was what you meant above … DUH. I see a lovely tiled mosaic. I’m using Firefox 17. Which browser and version of it are you using? You can upgrade here


    The newest versions of both Chrome and Firefox – updated whenever updates are announced.
    Yes, it’s working again now: but the fact is that it’s twice happened to me that scrolling through that post has shown me just a very big blank.
    You haven’t had anyone else write of this, then …
    OK: I’ll have to wait until it happens again, and hope that this intermittent problem stays there long enough for you to see what it is.



    My fingers are crossed for you. What more can I say?


    Not a lot.



    Hubby’s home and dinner is ready – alleulia! I’m hungry.


    Your husband does the cooking?
    Mine did, too. And what a fabulous cook he was …
    Had to teach myself. Some good outcomes, some bad.
    Oops! – Panos will crap on me again for being off-topic.



    Staff are aware of the problem and have replied here

    It is a holiday in the US, Europe and many other places today (Dec. 25) so it may take a little bit; please be patient.

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