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    Can you please enable the select pictures function on the Gallery Widget – it’s seems to be something that can only be corrected from your side. My blog is gathering of his daughters.


    The blog I need help with is



    I’m also unable to click it from Firefox . The “select images” goes nowhere. There are other people too reporting this. I think it is a bug. Staff may be working on it. I’ve tagged this thread for the staff attention.




    I can’t duplicate this problem quite yet. When using the Gallery Widget, there is a “Choose Images” link directly from the Widgets page and then a “Select Files” button that appears after clicking on “Choose Images” to give the option to upload new images.

    Which of those are causing the problem for you? Also, which operating system, browser, and versions are you using?




    /stunned silence

    OMG! Thank you!



    Of coarse Jennifer!
    I remember old days when we spent hours to do this, messing with codes things and first putting them in a post. WordPress definitely deserves a thanks for this :)

    The choose images button is not clickable. Clicking it does nothing. I checked it from the firefox on windows xp. I am on iPhone safari now and same problem here.



    OMG! x 2



    @hnsaifi – On the iPhone, after you click “Choose Images”, can you scroll all the way to the top to see the Edit Gallery option? I’m seeing that in my testing, which if it is what you’re seeing, is a different issue than the Firefox problem.

    I haven’t been able to duplicate the Firefox issue yet. Since it is a relatively new feature, have you cleared your cache lately? Also, can you create a gallery the typical way (via Add Media in a post)? They’re both using the same modal action, so if one works and not the others, it can help diagnose where the failure is occurring.

    Thanks again for your patience and help.



    I’ve just given it a try on iOS 6 and it is also showing the same behavior. The Select images is not clickable on iOS 6 too.
    I can’t see any edit gallery options button out there. It’s just screen options at the top.



    When trying to upload pics from the normal add media button to posts, I got this:

    The web browser on your device cannot be used to upload files. You may be able to use the native app for your device instead.

    So it’s just my browser on iOS 4 which is causing problem. Need to update it soon.

    Still I am able to upload images in post via media button on iOS 6 but not in gallery widget.



    Im trying to add a gallery to my sidebar.
    I’ve encountered the same problem as others here have, when I press the ‘choose images’ button, nothing happens.

    Its going to be cool when working!
    Thanks ☺



    Thanks Jayme — can you confirm the browser version and operating system you’re using? We’re still investigating this. Thanks in advance!



    I’m having the same issue — nothing happens when I click the “choose images” button in the gallery widget setup page. I’m using chrome on a mac.



    Hi, thanks kraftbj
    I’m using Google Chrome and Win 7 (64 bit) :]



    Thanks all. I’m still investigating this, but haven’t been able to duplicate this on my end with any of the combinations of OS and browsers mentioned.

    If any of you all could take a screenshot of your console and/or send over any console errors, that would be great.

    After loading the console (instructions below), try to add the widget again, including the failed click. In a perfect world, an error will be displayed in the console. Either copy or upload a screenshot of it to your media library.

    In Chrome on Windows, you can press Ctrl+Shift+J to pull up the console.
    In Chrome on Mac, ⌘-Option-J
    In Firefox, Ctrl+Shift+K or ⌘-Option-K
    @hnsaifi, iOS has a bit of a fun process:

    Thanks all again for your patience!



    Hello thanks for the update.
    I have uploaded a screenshot of console error along with some source code using Firefox to my blog “Bloggersunion” (Saved in draft with the title Gallery widget error).
    Hope that will be useful in understanding the matter.



    Thanks! That gives us a good start, at least. I’ll let you know when I have an update.

    Everyone else–please do share a screenshot too if you’re able in case there is something different going on for you. Thanks!



    Hey team,

    I’ve finally been able to duplicate this error. The immediate way to fix it is to click on “Screen Options” near the top of the widgets page and deactivate Accessibility mode.

    The widget will work, as expected, at that point.

    Now that we have a firm environment to duplicate the bug, we’ll get the developers working on it.

    Thanks all for your patience!



    Go ahead and try it again. We deployed an update to the code that should fix the gallery widget for those using the widget accessibility mode.

    Please let me know if something is amiss! Thanks again for your patience and help as we narrowed down the issue.



    Yay! It’s working now on my iPhone iOS 6 cheers :)
    Thank you so much Kraftbj :)



    woo hoo it works!
    Thank you, kraftbj :]

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