Gallery widget – can I add to a specific page?

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    I am using the “Stay” theme to advertise my vacation rental property in Dillon CO:

    I admire the way the owners of the Windflower Boutique Hotel has used this theme to advertise their hotel. I wonder if anyone knows how they added the photo gallery to each page?

    When I look at the Gallery widget it does not allow me to specify which page it should be displayed on, and the options available in the widget library relate to Primary, Secondary, Home, Blog & Header.

    I’d like to arrange the photos on my site’s “Rooms and Amenities” page neatly like in such a gallery, but can’t figure it out.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    The blog I need help with is



    The blog I need help with in my post above is



    I have the same question for the Expound theme… it doesn’t look like I can do it (even after purchasing the upgrade package). I’d really like to know the answer too!



    vrogers2013 – the Windflower is not actually using a Gallery or a Gallery widget on that page. It’s a mosaic image by itself. If you click on it you’ll see that it (the entire mosaic image) opens in a new window.

    You can only use the Gallery widget ( in a widget-enabled area of your theme, but you can use the Gallery feature anywhere on a page or post following these instructions: When you choose the “type”choose the “tiles”.

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