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    Is there a trick to formatting the gallery widget, or is it random?

    I had three widgets in my footer (I’m using Oxygen,) one of which was a gallery widget. I had it set to square tiles, and with nine pics, I had three rows of three tiles.

    I removed one of the other widgets from the footer, and to compensate for the new width, the gallery went to two rows, one with five pics, the one beneath it, with four. To make it symmetrical, I added another image, but rather than get two rows of five equally sized tiles, I get one very large square tile, and then two rows of three tiles down one side, and another row of three beneath the large image.

    You can see it in the footer of my blog here:

    I’m tempted to add another two pics to fill the empty spaces but something tells me it’s not going to work the way I hope it will. :)

    Is there a way to get a symmetrical arrangement?

    Thanks so much for your time.

    The blog I need help with is


    The theme you are using, Oxygen, has four widget areas in the footer. When you don’t use all of them, the remaining widget areas expand to fill the area.

    You could try changing the “square tiles” style to just regular “Tiles” and see if that helps, or add a third widget back in. The square tiles style is designed to automatically fill the required area with (semi-) random square sized.



    Yes, when I removed one of the widgets, it changed to compensate. I did try with regular tiles, but then it changed to two vertical rows, and it was much too narrow and long for the footer.

    It just seems odd that it will go to a row five across above a row of four across when there are nine, but adding the tenth completely changes the format.

    I am thinking of putting another widget in there again to get the nice 3 x 3 arrangement again.



    I added two more pics to get twelve tiles, and it switched back to evenly sized squares, and arranged them once again in vertical rows, the first two with five across, the last one with just two and empty space.

    But it absolutely will not do just two vertical rows of five equally sized squares.



    When you use the circle, square or tiled gallery, the widget loves multiples of 3, just like when you use the Gallery “types” in a full Gallery.

    See here for more info:



    Aha, the mystery is solved!

    I’ve put another widget in the sidebar and reduced the number of tiles back to nine.

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