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gallery widget not displaying pictures

  1. I have followed the instructions for the gallery widget to display uploaded pictures using the Brushwick template. No pictures display.....any ideas please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello Janeweedensoprano,

    So you added the Gallery Widget to one of the Bushwick Theme's Sidebars/Widget Areas using the instructions here (, and you followed the Gallery Widget instructions here (; and your images are still not showing up?

    -John Jr

  3. Hi:

    I just started having trouble with the gallery widget, too. I had it in my sidebar on Went to add new photos to it, but the choose image button did not work. I removed the widget, then tried to reconfigure it, but the button still does not work.

    This is a new problem, everything was fine this AM. Please advise.

  4. PS I have since removed the widget until this is resolved.

  5. Just noticed today that it will not allow me to edit my pics in the widget gallery. Bummer ... I need to update it. :(

  6. Sorry to hear others are having this problem. Hopefully, we can get this resolved soon with a little help from WordPress Happiness Engineers....

  7. Hello Denacooking,

    I just tried the Gallery Widget using the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser on Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS, and the Choose Image Button is not working for me either; and so I will add the Modlook Tag to this Topic so that someone who works for WordPress can hopefully help.

    -John Jr

  8. Thanks John.

    And for the record, I am using Google Chrome.

  9. @Denacooking

    Thank you for mentioning that you are using Google Chrome so that they will know that it is not working in either of those internet browsers, and you are welcome Denacooking. ;)

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

  10. @Rosemichels

    And good luck to you as well Rosemichels, and hopefully they will get this fixed for you as well.

    -John Jr

  11. It appears to be working now! I just added the widget to my sidebar again and was able to edit it. I hope others have similar luck.

    Thank you WordPress gods!


  12. @Denacooking

    Thank you Denacooking for the update, the Choose Image Button on the Gallery Widget is working for me now as well, I guess they quietly fixed it for you without telling us ;) ; I would like to say thank you to whoever fixed it. :)

    -John Jr

  13. Do be aware that Staff are making changes to the editor and to images.

  14. @Timethief

    Hello Timethief,

    So the WordPress Editor is being upgraded and the WordPress Media Library?

    -John Jr

  15. Yep and there are still 9 pages of outstanding threads tagged for Staff attention - yee haw! Sticky post here >

  16. @Timethief

    Nevermind, I found it, I wish that they had a better way of making these types of announcements (maybe a blog/et cetera that we can subscribe to for email alerts/Reader alerts/et cetera). :D

    Here is the link for anyone interested:

    Thank you Timethief. :)

    -John Jr

  17. You're welcome.

  18. Fixed here as well. Thanks for updating!

  19. Thank you Timethief. Most appreciated.

    When will there be an official announcement about the upcoming changes and how do we get on a list to learn about them as soon as possible?

  20. @Denacooking

    Surprisingly WordPress made a post about the Visual Editor and the Media Library updates on their official News blog/website (I recommend following/subscribing to News ( and maybe The Daily Post (


    Has the font and font size changed in the Visual Editor for any of you?

    Because when using the Hemingway Rewritten theme in the Visual Editor the font size possibly seems to be even smaller now than when I mentioned this in my possible bug report recently (

    But maybe I am imaging things. :D

    -John Jr

  21. Hi. Thanks. I actually do follow those blogs already by somehow I missed the announcement.

    I am glad for all the updates! Most appreciated.

  22. @Denacooking

    Good, and you are welcome Denacooking. :)

    -John Jr

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