Gallery Widget # of image columns/row width help?

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    Hi, wondering if there is a way to adjust my Gallery widget with CSS so that multiple images stretch across the entire page width instead of in rows of only three? The Thumbnail Grid column # option is not available on the widget.

    Also, can CSS be used to change the default size of the thumbnails used in the Gallery widget?

    My blog is:

    Thank you so much for any help!

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you perhaps talking about this page or similar on your site, ?

    The theme you have chosen, Chunk, only has 580px in width for the content, and with the thumbnail size, you can only go three columns across.

    You can edit the various image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large) at Settings > Media in your dashboard as well as some gallery-specific settings. After you do this, you will have to remove the gallery and then reinsert it so that the new thumbnail size will be used and then you should be able to set it for 4 or possibly 5 columns, depending on your chosen thumbnail size.

    If you want additional width to your pages so that you can use more columns in your galleries, this can be done with CSS, or by switching to a theme that has full-width page templates and is perhaps wider.

    The following CSS will widen pages only. Add it and preview it to see what you think. If you want to change widths and layouts for only some pages, we can target them by page ID.



    Thank you. Actually I already removed the Gallery Widget because it was giving me so much trouble. The Chunk theme supports extending the content/page widths, but only allows for widgets in the footer.

    So… I’d like to modify the number of columns used by the widget in my footer. I don’t know why the Gallery Widget is different than the regular Gallery that can be inserted into a post, but it is. :(


    Sidebars (widget areas) typically have a very limited width, so the widget was designed to work best for all sidebar and widget areas in the themes available here. In Chunk, you have a single widget area that is horizontal and the widgets go from left to right and then in rows down if you have a lot of widgets.

    You can set the width of a gallery widget in Chunk to 97% and it will extend the full width of the footer widget area and additional widgets, if you use them, will align below. You will have to insert the gallery widget and then view source on your site to get the gallery widget ID. The one in my example below is from my test blog and yours will likely be different.

    #gallery-3 {
    width: 97% !important;

    See if the above gets you closer to what you are wanting.


    @fawnfloyd, I thought I would add that this works for square and circles cleanly as long as have multiples of three images. If you have something like 8 or 7, things go awry, and it also doesn’t work well for “tiled” images.

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