Gallery won't open & can't upload images

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    I just upgraded to the new WordPress and now, when I try to upload an image to a page, it keeps coming back with an error message and I must ‘try again later’.

    I’m in a huge rush to get this done today, so rather put out.

    When I go to the gallery (in another tab), the image is there. However, when I open the image gallery within the page I want to post from (I.e. insert from gallery instead of just upload) it’s completely blank. It also won’t pick up the image from the URL.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this, or if this is just a WP error today?



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    Please note, the blog is:

    WP won’t let me log into to get support there. It only allows me to use my free blog –



    Are you uploading the correct file types, .jpg, .png, or .gif?
    Here’s more information on images –



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    Hi justjennifer, as aforementioned, unfortunately, it won’t let me log on with my normal account, only my free blog, hence me writing here.

    Thanks for responding, mikedariano, I’ve tried uploading both .jpg and .png, to no avail :( Wondering if it’s an all round problem. Certainly seems like an actual error on the WP side, not so much something that I’m doing wrong, as it’s always worked before.



    @sezmeredith – And because you are using the standalone software, we cannot help you in these forums. You are using different software than we are here. Please read the link I gave above for clarity.

    You will need to resolve your log-in problem on Best wishes.

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