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    Not to beat a dead horse, but, is there any hope of adding some simple navigation to the gallery thumbnails in the near future? Next and previous arrows. I have learned to deal with the annoyance of having to add the gallery, save the post and then go back and add the main image separately, and then go back and link to that url, but not being able to scroll through the thumbnails is really not a pleasant viewing experience for our clients. I love WordPress, but we’re begging for this imporovement. Thank you.



    Heather, the site linked in your username is not hosted on WordPress.COM. Please give us the direct link to your WordPress.COM blog, starting with http://

    I agree that Gallery navigation is tired. Hopefully it will be wired when the new version of WordPress goes live (we often get the upgrades here on COM before they’re released on ORG).



    I believe in the matter of upgrades we get them first most of the time before .ORG


    Thanks for the words of encouragement and what I love most about WordPress as they listen. My wordpress site is Sorry about that.



    Found you on my own. :) Do consider linking your username to your blog. Makes it faster for the forum volunteers to find your blog without having to wait for you to come back and post it.

    Go into your dashboard -> users -> your profile -> then scroll down to ‘contact info’. In the spot where it says ‘website’ fill in the address of your blog and save the changes.


    i’m having trouble.

    i want to post images that are separate from those i want in the gallery.

    what happens is that the images i post at the beginning of the entry show up again in the gallery.

    this is very annoying. how do i fix this?


    Short answer is you have to upload the separate images in the post and the gallery in ANOTHER post, then delete the gallery shortcode from there and use that posts’s ID to make the gallery show in the first post. For lots on galleries check this excellent post (by our “justjennifer”):


    ghostlightning, the gallery seems to be a work in progress, but no doubt it will come around. By trial and error, here is my approach to having one main image in the post and not having this image included in the thumbnail gallery below:

    1. I write my post as I want it to look (view my blog for reference if needed). I choose the large image we want, add image from the image loader, choose full size, center add titles, etc. Write some text and move on to the trouble zone.

    2. Then, I go to Add Media and choose the pics we want to include in a gallery. After crunching, I save changes and insert gallery in post, checking that the gallery shortcode is in the right position in the post. Save, publish.

    3. The published post at this point should display one large image, text below, and a thumbnail gallery (with the large image as part of the thumbnails, too). This is the problem. So, back to the edit post section.

    4. In edit mode, click on the Add Media button and proceed to the Gallery tab. Here you should see all of your images with a little Show/Hide option. Find the image we want to remove from the thumbnail gallery, Choose Show, and Delete, then continue and the image will be deleted from the gallery. Choose Save Changes, Close Dialog Box, Click Save and Return to View the published post. You should see the main image (large in our case) and it should be removed from gallery. However, if you were to click on the Large/Main Image to Zoom, you will see a blank/error/blue question mark. So…

    5. The final step is to Write New Post. No title. Choose Add Image. Choose Folder, and Upload the Main Image Again. After it loads, look for the url of the image that wordpress provides. Copy the link of the image. Click Save, publish and the image will be added to the media gallery.

    6. Go back to the original post. The Main/Large Image should be blank with a border around the empty box. Click over the box to reveal the Edit and Delete icons and choose Edit Image. Find the space for image address and paste the url from the previous step. Save, publish.

    7. View the post, click on the main image and it should open in a new window with no blue question mark.

    8. Simple, huh?



    Compare with my suggestion:

    1. Write your new post and upload the separate image the normal way.
    2. Go to ANY other post, upload the gallery images and insert the gallery, delete [gallery] (so leaving this post as it was), look at the address bar and get the post’s ID (the number at the end of its address).
    3. Return to your new post and write [gallery id="ID_NUMBER_HERE"]. End of story.



    Woah! Guys! You don’t have to delete anything. Just upload the separate images in a Post other than the one that contains a Gallery. I have a special Draft Post I keep just for this purpose.

    Once the images are uploaded and in the Media Library, just close the Image Uploader and the Post where you uploaded the images. Now go back to the Post that contains the Gallery where you want the separate image to appear. Use “Add Image” “Insert into Post” from the Media Library tab and you’re home free. That’s it.

    (Writing from my paying job)



    niceactresses, Please don’t hijack a threads to draw traffic to your

    BTW/It’s against the forum rules to just dump your
    link like you did.


    And it just guarantees we WON’T visit your blog. The “Ideas” section of the forum is for suggestions to wp staff; there’s a “Plug Your Blog Here” in the “Off-topic” section of the forum.

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