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    I like the Gallery/Thumbnail Grid option for showing my images. Is there any way to make the images a little larger and/or show less white space? I have the custom design upgrade. If it is through CSS would the tweaking be the same on all thumbnail grids that I add in the future or is there a way to make it page specific? This is the post in which I need help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes you can do this on a post basis by modifying the Gallery shortcode in the Post Text Editor after you’ve inserted the Gallery.

    Add the following within the brackets of the shortcode:

    Depending on the size of the resulting image, you may have to reduce the number of columns to “2”.

    For generally working with the Gallery feature: and even more here:

    Let me know if you need more help.



    Thanks, JustJennifer! After a little bit of playing, I got exactly what I wanted. Yes, I needed to change to two columns but it’s a good look for my site. I can’t wait to try it on other pages. Super.



    Great news!

    Just remember that this technique only works when using the Thumbnail Grid type of Gallery. The mosaic types (Square Tiles, Tiled Mosaic and Circles) will ignore the size and column settings.

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