Games, movies, music on my blog?

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    I was just wondering if I’m allowed to post links to content such as music/movies/games on my blog, via a link to Mediafire?

    Like if I uploaded the game Age of Empires 3 or the movie Avatar onto Mediafire and then add the link onto my blog, would that be acceptable?

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, IF the copyright allows it. Links to the Pirate Bay, etc, no.

    If you uploaded the movie Avatar you would be taken down in seconds. Not kidding. Only upload materials the copyright allows.


    So all the links that I put onto my website have to be safe links, or otherwise I’d be taken down?
    How do they know, do they actually download the file from Mediafire to see if it’s copyrighted or not?



    Try it and see. Blogs like that are taken down every day.



    PS you just flagged your blog for special attention by


    I don’t think they’re going to take my blog down for just wondering if I’m allowed to post certain links on my blog or not… I’m not going to do it if it’ll get my blog taken down :/

    I guess that’s one of the major differences between wordpress and blogspot. There’s heaps of blogs on blogger that have illegal stuff on there and I guess wordpress is a whole lot more careful with that sort of stuff. And javascript as well.

    How did I get my blog to get special attention from o.O



    Yeah, there’s heaps of illegal stuff on Blogspot. You’re right.

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