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Gaming Blog - Unable to upload Demo (.exe)

  1. I would like to upload my demo, and ultimately the final version of the game, to my blog:

    The game was made with RPG Maker VX Ace, and the files are all scanned before compressing, then the exe itself is scanned again to ensure that all files are safe.

    I had read another support ticket about .exe files and the replies that the ticket received made mention of this not being allowed.

    I created my blog specifically to market my game, and to connect with other RPG Maker VX Ace users to collaborate projects, future titles, and of the like.

    I would greatly appreciate being able to use a free blog for this, but if it isn't allowed, then I will have to find another way.

    Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance for any replies.

    P.S. The compressed demo is approx. 201,500 KB. I expect the final version to be about 2~4 times that. Not sure if that will make a difference, but there you have it.

    P.P.S. For anyone who has made games with RPG Maker: The game I am making will have literally thousands of custom icons, tiles, faces, graphics, animations, and hopefully (fingers crossed) a character creation system. Thus, I estimate the size will be massive.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Truly, you are going to have to move your blog off to an independently-hosted WordPress install using software from WordPress.ORG instead. You literally cannot do this. No matter how safe the file, it cannot be uploaded here.

    You could conceivably put it in Dropbox and just link to it or something, but if you are an independent game developer I don't think in the long term the security restrictions at are going to work for you.

  3. I see.

    Thank you for the quick reply.

    It is a shame that I wasted a bit of time here, but at least I know how works now.

    I will probably make a new blog here at a later date.

    Again, thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. :)

  4. You're welcome. Sorry it wasn't what you wanted to hear.

  5. I would rather know the truth than waste more time.

    Knowing that this community has helpful people like you in it makes me all the more remiss to leave.

    I plan to make a site using a free hosting service, and I found a good one. A bit off-topic, but I do plan to rebuild projectkit at a later date.

    Thank you again, and wish me luck! :)

  6. If you go with a free host, you will need luck. They do not have a good track record, generally speaking. Blogger and are exceptions.

  7. Ultimately, the host I chose also prohibited uploading executable files.
    So I recreated my blog early this morning with Blogger.

    Uploaded the demo through TurtleShare, I plan to use them until the final version comes out, then switch to someone more reliable.

    If you are interested, the address is though I made it in haste. I will be updating the site later as well.

    I plan to use the original back here on WP as well, so that both may act as a case study for me. I am curious to see which side will bring in more views and downloads without any additional effort on my part (until the demo is completely finished and beta begins for the full game)

    As before, thanks.

  8. To clariy:

    In the mention of a case study 'without any additional effort' was my sleepy way of saying 'viewers bringing in other viewers' instead of me having to go and bring in every view myself.
    And the beta should be able to begin in a week or two if all goes well with the demo. Though I doubt I will have anyone interested in such a short time.

    Any chance you would have some tips for me to use when that time comes? I plan to have 10 beta testers who will get the full game for free, along with 50 or so additional testers who will get a 'limited' version of the final game. I know a good place to advertise my game for free, but if there are other good places, I would definitely appreciate the help. :)

    Sorry for the long messages, just woke up. ><;

  9. No, sorry. I am not a gamer at ALL.

  10. I see.

    Thanks again for the replies.

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