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  1. Hello, video game bloggers. Let's come together to show off our gaming blogs to each other and other gamers. Tell us about your blog below. I'm the author of Dog House Gaming Blog, which is nearing it's first full year of being online. Recently I wrote a comprehensive guide for Super Stardust Delta, which to my knowledge is the first to contain the full information about how the scoring system workw and the math behind it. It broke my record for viewers in one day, with 60 views on March 28th, 2012. So, please leave info about your gaming blog below, and lets get our blogs known!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My site has been online for just over a month now, i have made a facebook and twitter which are linked on the site, it has been a good first month with the site gaining over 7000 hits.

    So head over to and check out my content and sign up to the forum as well.


  3. Really nice blog, dude. How old is your blog?

  4. about a month mate.

    just posted up this article

    took me forever, hope everyone will give it a look.

  5. My blogs been around almost a year and I've only ever had 60 views the most, and 930 all time. How'd you get 7k in a month? Thankx

  6. dribblingpensioner

    I left you a comment.

  7. no idea man, just advertise around the place etc

  8. Hi I have a blog on the progress of Photon GameManager, the free program I'm developing (currently in V3) for windows that organizes your game collection by downloading fanart, information and patches and has a huge host of other features. I feel its a hugely impressive replacement for game explorer but I'd love to hear what other people think of it.

  9. Hello

    I have a powerful gaming blog where you can get the latest gaming news, trailers and cheats..

    Check it out

  10. hey guys, i have moved my blog to a host and given it a sweet new layout, head over to and let me know what you think of the new site :)

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