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  1. Hi! I use Garland theme but I can't change colors - changing doesn't work. Could anybody help me, please?

  2. You need to expand on your issue please. Are you getting some sort of error or what's preventing you from changing your colors? Just worked fine for me in IE6.

  3. I just tried IE 6.0 too. It doesn't work. I try to "save custom colors" but it backs (itself) to default.

    I think it must be the same unsolved problem I explained here:

  4. This is where you create a static page -> Options -> Reading
    Reading Options
    Front Page
    Front page displays:
    Your latest posts
    A static page (select below)
    * Front page:
    * Posts page:
    Click "Update Options" when you are done to save.

    If this doesn't work for you then nothing we can suggest on the forum will help. Please send a feedback into staff and include all details in it.

    As for the custom colours problem once again that's an issue for staff to deal with. So don't forget to include in a feedback.

  5. Thanks, I've already asked for help with a static page. They couldn't help me. I suppose they think that I'm just stupid so they don't care much for my unsolved problem. I will not bother them any more. Thanks for help.

    BTW I use Internet for at least 10 years and this is the first time can't do what I want.

  6. Have you sent a feedback in for the colour problem? The staff won't know you have that problem on your blog unless you tell them.

  7. Thanks, I will send it later. But I do thing both problems have a common root - if they couldn't help me weeks ago they probably won't help me now.

  8. I think I explained my problem with static page the best I could (under the "problems" tag on my blog). If it isn't clear enough... I think I can't explain it better, at least not in English.

  9. Do note that posting about problems within your blog and then linking to them from teh forums 1) doesn't solve anything 2) doesn't tell anyone that you're having a problem, and 3) is actually considered a ToS violation since it appears that you're trying to draw traffic to your blog. I would seriously suggest not doing it. Blogs have been removed in the past due to folks doing that.

    So which issue are we working on here?

  10. Ok, never mind. If you can just edit my post and please remove the links. Sorry, I posted them. No more links, I promise.

    And never mind, I don't really care about those colors and static page; it doesn't matter that much for me. I tried to make it easier - for me as not native English speaker and for you - but if it is ToS violation - I will never do it again. Thanks, any way.

  11. Links are now dead - I removed posts on my blog as drmike suggested they are useful for nobody.

    Would anyone "in power" be so kind to delete links I placed here? They are not functioning any more but I don't want anybody to think I want to draw traffic to my blog as was suggested.

    Thanks a lot.

  12. Links are gone now!


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