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    (Relative newbie, sorry!)

    I’ve searched the forums but am still stuck. I created a blog using the Garland theme, the pages are listed across the top. On the page entitled “Books!”, I made a child page called “I liked this book!”, but the only place I can find it is under my dashboard. I’ve published the page, under the Attributes on the child page I’ve chosen the Parent page as “Books”, and I’ve played around with the page order (even though with only 1 child page I didn’t think this would matter. It’s currently set on 1.)

    I’ve read this might be a widget problem, but when I go to the Widgets area under “Appearance” in my Dashboard, it only shows a left and right sidebar, and the Widgets I placed in them. I also read in another forum I may need to link the child page manually, but that stumped me too…

    Thanks for any help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Most of the themes here do not display links to child pages in the horizontal page menu. There are two ways we provide access to the child pages.
    (1) Place a link to the child page on the Parent page. Place this code on the Parent page >
    <a href="">I liked this book </a>
    (2) Place a Pages widget in the sidebar of the blog >

    Lastly, if neither of these suit you then you could change to a theme that does display child pages in a dropdown menu from the parent Page.

    Note that iNove, Monochrome, Neutra, Sandbox 1.6.1, and Titan don’t display links to child pages on the parent page, but their top navigation (header page tabs) features dropdowns to child pages; Duotone also displays tabs to level-one child pages in the header (below their parent).


    Thank you sooo much!!!



    You’re welcome and best wishes for happy blogging. :)

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