Garland: Color picker does not save the colors

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    Hi everybody,

    I’m using Garland as a theme for one of my blogs here on ( and I am not able to save a different colour scheme by using the color picker tool: whatever I do, the “save” button actually reverts the chosen colours (correctly displayed in the preview) to the original ones.

    Some technical data: I tried with following browsers: Firefox and, Opera 9.0.1, IE 6 (OS is Win XP Pro), IE 7/Vista – nothing. I tried with switching off my firewall, went through all possible options – again, nothing.

    I found following threads here on the forums: (the title is somehow wrong, but somebody in the answer mentions the same problem I’m experiencing right now)
    but it seems to me that the problem has not been solved yet.

    I tried the demo color picker from the newer version of the Garland Theme for Drupal: that one does work, so I somehow suspect that it might be some issue with the version of the theme or the server-side settings here on

    I wrote a couple of times to the support, but they were not able (willing?) to help me; does anybody have a clue?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!



    IMO you’re correct there is some kind of an issue with the Garland version color picker that we have at that only affects some blogs. I just tried mine on a test blog and it worked. It seems your only recourse is staff assistance.



    Hi timethief, thank you very much. You know, my “problem” ist that I cannot see any logic in the behaviour of the color picker. I mean: if it was an issue with the server-side settings, it shouldn’t work for your blog, too. On the other side, I also tried on a test blog of mine, and it still does not work, but – why?? I was wondering whether some security settings might affect the behaviour of the color picker… it’s really frustrating.



    I hear your frustration. I’m afraid that the earliest time you may hear an answer from staff on this will be on Monday. :(



    The bug is in WordPress Other Language, I changed the language of my blog for the English and satisfied! The color picker only works in English wordpress people. THANKS!
    And after change to previous language! The bug is resolved, Thank very much!



    Thank you very much for your help. I tried it out and it works! I’m going to spend the next hours trying out colour combinations for my blog!!



    YAY! two happy campers. I’m so glad to hear that this was sorted for both.
    Best wishes :)



    The problem with the colour picker in languages different from English was fixed—you can choose colours for your blog in whatever language you want.

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