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Garland Header mod

  1. I really like the Garland theme and the 3 column layout. I don't like the header though, and can't figure out how to change it. I have a large .gif banner I created in Xara graphics that I'd like to place there. I have also purchased the CSS upgrade. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  2. i thought we couldn't use garland anymore? besides, garland cannot support custom header images, but i don't know if purchasing the css upgrade can do that.

  3. Sulz - Apparently we can use Garland because it is readily available in the list of themes, and I do know that the CSS upgrade will allow me to get my own custom image into the header space (because I experimented and had some rudimentary success where the image appeared) but I am hoping someone can point me to the place in the Garland style sheet which will make this happen without me spending hours on it.

  4. ah, out of my league here, lol. wait a bit more, someone should be able to answer your questions.

  5. When Garland is made available to new users again and Drupal are OK with WordPress using their theme, I'll support it on these forums.

    Until then, anyone using it against the express wishes of the original owners is on their own, as far as I'm concerned. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, especially since the reasons for the theme's withdrawal haven't been particularly well-publicised by Automattic and the vast majority of Garland users are presumably unaware of them, but it's a personal stance.

  6. Ah right. I didn't realize that was the contentious Drupal theme. One of my friends is a Drupal guy, and I'd certainly steer clear of using a template that was offered under those circumstances.

  7. Interesting - This thread is the first I have heard that we should not be using a theme that was offered in the menu for use, then apparently revoked (for a certain few) but still available for those of us who chose to use it before it was revoked???

    Guess I'll have to noodle a bit more and see whether to use something else that will hopefully not be revoked. ;0)

  8. As I heard it: Garland was developed by Drupal but was still in beta when they were contacted by WordPress and asked if WordPress could use it: they said sure, but please wait till we've released it to Drupal users, and please do change the colours. WordPress didn't wait, and they didn't change the colours.

  9. theangryblackwoman

    Pushing this back up top for a couple of reasons.

    1 - I would also really like to know how to modify the Garland theme so i can put a custom header image on it and get rid of that annoying gray bar.

    2 - Has the issues regarding garland's availability been resolved so we can get some help on this?


  10. The theme is available now and is found here -> Presentation -> Themes
    The css customization upgrade is not recommended for bloggers who lack css editing experience. There is no staff support for learning css or for fixing whatever you may muck up.

    If you have the experience required and you purchase the css upgrade then you can edit the theme. However, the only support you will get is hit and miss from professionals who volunteer from time to time.

    I don't know what you mean by "annoying gray bar". All blogs have a blue navigation bar and the very top and staff have asked that css editing not be used to cause it not to display.

  11. theangryblackwoman

    Not the blue bar at the very top of the screen, but the gray bar that sits just above the content area and below the header. See my blog, here: (or look at any blog with garland) I am pretty good with CSS, but, looking at Garland's stylesheet, I am mystified about how I can go about getting rid of that farking thing. It's stupid.

  12. Just for reference, that Zazzle link at the upper right of your blog may be called into question as an affliate link. You may want to clear that with staff.

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