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    can i change the color of the sidebars on my garland theme?? i have succeeded in changing the other things i want, but i cannot figure our where to change the color of the sidebars… i have the css upgrade


    you should be able to control them with
    .sidebar { background: blue; }
    although they’ll have 20px gutters on the outside (#container has padding)



    I have the same problema.
    I can’t edit CSS, so I ‘ve tried to modify “Color Customizer > Custom colors”, and when I try to save the changes, it doesn’t save anything..



    No, it won’t unless you purchase the CSS upgrade. That’s the only way to change the look of your blog here at, other than selecting a different template. If you don’t have a blog, you’re in the wrong place and need to refer to the Read Me First thread at the top of the forum.



    Actually, Garland has a color customizer that doesn’t require the CSS upgrade.

    Exactly what happens when you try to save? Also, what browser & OS are you using?



    Really? Ah, live and learn. I don’t know Garland well because it doesn’t display well in IE6 at all.


    I got the same problem, too. If I want to change the colour with the colour customizer, it just doesn’t save the colours that I chose. I use Firefox 2 on XP.



    I hopped right to my test blog. I loaded Garland and I changed the custom colours with no problem at all. I’m on windows XP media center edition and using firefox But as you know, volunteers don’t have backend access to blogs so you will have to contact staff on Monday.


    I think the staff cannot do anything about it. It doesn’t work so maybe it requires the space upgrade. Again an upgrade…



    No, the upgrade won’t do a thing for you. Timethief doesn’t have the upgrade and it worked for her. Send a Feedback on Monday and ask for staff to look at the problem.


    Okay. And by the way: With IE 7 it doesn’t work, too.



    Okay, be sure to give them all the details when you send it in.

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