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Garland theme - problem with color customizer

  1. I've choosen 'Garland' theme for my blog site. Default, it's blue, but one of its tags says "custom colors". So i'm trying to change it, but everytime I press "Save Custom Colors", it resets to default...
    What should I do? Is color customising extra-paid option?

  2. This is a known problem. Is your blog in English? If it's in another language, try switching it to English to change the colours - that sometimes sorts out the bug. Otherwise, send in a note to staff support.

  3. The bug is in WordPress Other Language, I changed the language of my blog and my language profile for the English and satisfied! The color picker only works in English wordpress people. And after change to previous language! The bug is resolved.

  4. It should work now for all languages.

    Happy blogging,

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