Garland theme Sticky (or something else) changed?

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    Yesterday, everything looked fine om my Blog.
    Today I saw my Sticky message had changed in fontsize.
    I didn’t change it, and the letters are bigger now.
    To eleminate things, I took away the left column widget, still it looked bad.
    I also noticed a footer thingie at the bottom side, so something did change, only thing is I don’t know what.
    If i change my stick <span> setting from x-normal to say 11pt, it looks better.
    This I saw with Chrome (it’s not a cache issue) but I was baffled when I started IE 8, the left column was left justified, the middel column was underneath the left column.
    Please, please, tell me what’s wrong, it’s a mess like this…

    Leo Graper.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I now changed all x-nroma to 10pt and it looks better, but it’t the same code as the left column, which letter are smaller, what happened to my Sticky settings in Garland, please…



    Sorry, i ment, all x-normal to 10pt..





    Having trouble with our blog as well ( in IE, but not FF.

    Right-side menu (using links in Widgets) is pushed down to the bottom-left of the blog.

    Also, “share” buttons not displaying (but links still there).

    Also, when logged into system, the links in the top black bar (e.g. to manage blog, check status, logout, etc.) are all over the place (i.e. not lined up where they’re supposed to be).

    I’ve deleted temp internet files, history, etc. and problem persists. This is definitely an issue with the WordPress platform and/or Garland theme.



    My Garland blogs are in the same mess. Started yesterday afternoon.



    @ zevenkamp

    Along with all the other issues we currently share with Garland, I have just noticed that a post I posted several weeks ago that is html coded for Georgia rather than the default CSS font, Verdana, is now displaying at a larger font size in IE8 that intended but is intended size in FF and Chrome.

    Links for Garland users seeking more information:



    Support appears to be closed until July 23rd.



    Hello MeAgenda, thanks for the 2 links, but…
    I did a search for Garland on this page, but didn’t find it.
    Do you have a more precise link, or am I missing something here?
    Is it covering poss fixes or just info btw…



    I’m probably stating the obvious here…

    In a meantime I use the beginning of my left column on my Blog to apologise to my viewers, and hint them to start using FF or Chrome.
    Just my 2 cents ;)


    I have a different theme, but similar problem with the sidebar pushed down and the date for a past post pushed up to where the sidebar should be. My blog is in the Elegant Grunge theme.

    Blog link:


    Also, the “Load More Posts” button is in the middle of the page and not the bottom.


    My blog mess started this morning. The posts look like they all became larger and the comments and likes shifted to the right.


    I was able to fix my problem by going into my Dashboard and going down to Settings — Reading. Under the Reading Settings, you have an option of choosing how many posts you want to show at one time (“Blog pages show at most”). Mine intially had 10, so I changed it to one. The sidebar is now back to it’s normal spot. It looks like it has something to do with the new infinite scroll feature. When I go back and change it to 10, the sidebar pushes down again. But when I change it to one, the sidebar goes back to the normal spot. Hope this tip helps. :)

    Blog url:



    @ zevenkamp

    The links I have given are not specific to Garland theme fixes, sorry, I should have made that clear.

    Looks like we may have to ride this out until WordPress Support is open again after July 23rd. I’ve also suggested to my readers that they use Chrome or FF in the meantime. I might try taking off all right column widgets and then reintroducing, but I am not hopeful – but it’s not just the right column widgets, the Tool bar at the top is broken as well in IE8.

    When implementing for Garland, why did WP not check for incompatability of “infinite scrolling” with IE8 and IE9?



    @claudiapookie: confirmed that IE it’s ‘OK’ now, but the setting read to1 thingie doesn’t do a thing for me (Garland), also as far as I could see, you don’t have/use a left column? That could (and will probably) mean that things get highwire in the start where they ‘implemented’ the new stuff.
    So that takes care of me NOT trying other theme’s and so on…

    @meagenda, no problemo ;) and the column thing prob. won’t help you, as I’ve tried to clean out both left and right columns, with no cure, like I said, the problem is in the beginning, at least that’s my guess.

    Sure hop I don’t get too much news and stories for my community Blog until the 23rd ;)
    Hang in there fellow victims…



    “@MeAgenda, no problemo ;) and the column thing prob. won’t help you, as I’ve tried to clean out both left and right columns, with no cure, like I said, the problem is in the beginning, at least that’s my guess.”

    No, it did not help. But what I can do is shift all the right column widgets into the left column to avoid readers having to scroll down through 10 long posts to locate the widgets that should be appearing in the right column until WP get this sorted.



    Are you sure? Did I miss something here?
    You move the contents of the right column to the left?
    Shouldn’t that be the other way around?
    I first get the left column, underneath that the middle one, and then the right column, you don’t happen to be chinese? ;-)



    It’s been fixed now, see:

    What I was seeing on my own Garland theme sites was this:

    central posting area in correct position;
    left column widgets in correct position;
    right column widgets displaying incorrectly in left column but way down at the bottom of the page (which I have set to display ten posts) with a big space in between the two sets of widgets.

    When a single post was displaying, the R column widgets were then displaying underneath the central posting area.

    As many of my posts tend to be lengthy, visitors to the site would not see the right column widgets unless they scrolled all the way down to post #9 or 10.

    So what I did was move the Twitter feed from the right column to the top of the left column, so at least visitors could easily find my Twitter feed – which is what I meant by shifting the right column widgets over to the left column. And now I must shift the Twitter feed back to where it should be, since all issues for me appear to have been fixed this morning (UK time).



    Yup MeAgenda, all is fine at the OK Rotterdam again, as it prob. is wit you, theme and RSS are fine again, take care,

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