Garland theme still uses wrong color for Sticky message and

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    Although somebody closed my previous post, this minor is still not fixed after a 2 months wait.
    How hard can it be, changing colors from Blue to Maroon in CSS, at possibly only 2 locations.
    I know it’s not a ‘premium’ bug, but it looks awefull.
    Please guys/girls change this…

    Leo Graper.

    The blog I need help with is



    I located your closed thread here .
    I’m flagging this thread so it’s moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff monitor the threads and will reply to you.



    Hi zevenkamp,

    We are sorry to have kept you waiting for this. We’ve made changes to Garland theme so that the custom colors are now applied to both the background color of sticky posts title and hr element with the following rules.

    • The background color of sticky post title is the same color as the custom link color.
    • hr element is the same color as the custom text color.

    I hope you are happy about this change and please let me know if you need further assistance.



    Thanks from me, Takashi: I was using Garland before switching to TMA, and we had requested this years ago – in vain. But there was no theme team then!



    All is well (again) at the OK Rotterdam ;)
    Thanks for the fix, and sorry for the hr, I was wrong.
    One thing still puzzles me with this Sticky thing.
    Is this by (default) design that a Sticky header background color is the same as the link color?
    Because now, due to the fact that I have to leave my header of my sticky empty (because it’s a time table, with it’s own header) it’s a solid maroon bar.
    I would prefer this to be the same as a ‘norma’ message header, but still, like I said, if this a default design thing in a theme, I have said nothing…
    Then I will try something else…
    Thanks again,




    > Is this by (default) design that a Sticky header background color is the same as the link color?

    The default color of sticky header seems slightly different blue from the link color (odd) but If I check our record, sticky post title has background color for 4 years in Garland.

    It maybe a good idea to change the default background color for sticky post title to the same color as the link color but we don’t have a plan to remove it at this point.

    If you want to keep the post at the top as sticky but don’t want to have the background color, you will need to remove it by CSS with Custom Design upgrade.

    You’re welcome!


    I understand, but it seems a bit drastic to start paying for custom CSS, just to change this thing, still it’s something I didn’t see in other themes.
    And I chose this theme as it meets my desire for a good theme most.
    I can live with this…

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