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General Misanthropy

  1. I, by no powers of my own hate a lot of things in life and find that people struggle to talk with me about them, but they are happy to read about my frustration. This is my attempt at a blog to help me relieve my stress while hopefully amusing other people...enjoy, or not, either way suggestions on improvements to anything would be great.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Good stuff, I think if you had a character to go with that voice you could probably have a very entertaining script or book or whatnot.

  3. I like the way your sentences generally come to a kick in the pants right at the end. It almost always gest a laugh out of me, perhaps because I read a little quickly.

  4. Keep at it man, don't let this thread's silence get to you, just have more posts next time you advertise it in here, haha. Other than that, read other blogs and start talking to bloggers, they'll get you views and you'll eventually find someone who likes your stuff enough to stick it on their page. Honestly though, your writing's is good aye.

  5. Thanks :), I have quite a lot in the pipes to write about so I'm just taking my time getting good stuff out there. Definatley going to take your advice, it helps reading what other people put, gives you ideas and also some clue as to how the English language functions.

  6. lol I hear that dude, people always thought I must have gotten the best grades at school, cause I have a half way decent vocabulary, but I barely even went, and if I did, I just spent my time raeding cause I fucking hated it so much. Yeah, heh, when I try to think about it, I realise I have no knowledge of rules or anything, punctuation, grammar all that jazz, but I just know what looks good and what doesn't, from years of writing and reading, on and offline.

  7. Ironic that I should spell that word wrong.

  8. I've had a look. I've made comments. I've bookmarked you. It's all very good. I like people who vent their spleen in an entertaining way. Keep it going!

  9. @pienbiscuits - Thanks :) I will try to, I have a hell of a lot of gripes in the world.

    @sydb - I feel exactly the same, hated School especially English but instead of spending my time reading I just spent my time gaming. My understanding of how English works is 0.

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