General 'referred links' from Facebook/Twitter/etc. possible to be specific?

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    Dear all,

    Hoping you can help with this question. I did a forum search, but nothing turned up, so I’m also hoping I’m not doing something stupid by posting this. :)

    In my ‘referrers’ list under Site Stats, I often see generic referrals that say ‘Facebook’ , ‘Twitter’ or ‘WordPress’. However, these links just link to the home pages of these websites and not to the specific places that the referral came from.

    Is it possible to see this? For some reason, when I check my stats for yesterday, ‘Twitter’ does show a little ‘+’ sign, which included the several different twitter pages the links came from. Why isn’t this standard turned on?

    Hoping I’m making sense, sincerely and thanks,

    Krav Girl

    PS. If you need it: my blog is

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but I don’t know the answer. Please ask Staff and when you get answer will you be so kind as to return to this thread and post it?

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