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General settings missing fields

  1. I'm trying to change my site URL from to, but in my general settings there is no "WordPress address (URL)" or "Site address (URL)" fields.

    Picture of general settings screen:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. My mistake, apparently those fields are for sites on I followed this guide but my site address is still and I would like it to be redirects to but I don't want anymore at all.


  3. Bump?

  4. You need to register and map to the proper blog and choose as the Primary name.

    You can map more than one domain name to the same WordPress.COM blog but you can only have one domain name as the primary

    The page you are looking at is for changing the WordPress.COM based name ( to - that is not needed if you have a mapped domain name

  5. How do I change the primary domain name? Since I've already registered and mapped my site as would I need to delete that and register + map a new site called Thanks for the reply

  6. Don't delete anything -

    Register & map the new name to the proper base blog - that can be the same blog as is mapped to.

    Select as the Primary Domain when you do the mapping - the will change the Primary Domain away from if you map to the same base blog -

    Then go to the Store and make sure you have the domain registration and mapping for set so they will not auto renew. You should be able to let just go off into oblivion - should not hurt anything -

    There is another option since your site does not look like it has any content in it - have you sent out the domain name to anyone? Do you care if the domain goes into oblivion now? If not then after you buy we can ask the staff to transfer the domain mapping to and save you $ 13.-- if they transfer it (I am sure they would)

  7. Nope I'm not using and I haven't given it to anyone, that would be great if you could ask them that for me. Should I register the domain name first and then message you about transferring the domain mapping afterwards?

  8. yes register first & make sure the name servers point to here (you did it with -

    then post back in this thread asking the staff to transfer the domain mapping from to for the blog (this is the correct blog? right)

    Please be very clear in the request - the request needs to come from your account - then add "modlook" to the Tag list - that will flag it for the staff - I have also subscribed to this thread so I will see any replies to it if you have any trouble I can flag it or help (getting close to my bed time)

    Good luck

  9. I just registered

    Can I transfer the domain mapping from to for the blog

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "go to the Store and make sure you have the domain registration and mapping for set so they will not auto renew." So far I've registered the new domain name, and in the domains section under store I have 3 domains listed (,, and

  10. In

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades >>

    you should see as an active upgrade that you have purchased - make sure that the option "Auto Renew" is not enabled or it will auto renew in 11 months (upgrades renew a month before they expire in case there is a problem, this allows time to correct the problem, but you get a full 12 months of time) and you will get a bill for it unexpectedly

    Looks like all that is needed is for the staff to drop by

    Good luck

  11. Oh okay. Thanks for your help!

  12. You be welcome & good luck

  13. Hi there, it looks like both domains to are already mapped to

    You can see those settings under Store > My Upgrades here:

    Both these domains will bring folks to your site, with set as the primary domain that visitors will see in their address bar.

    If you still need any help, just let me know.

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