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    Hi all,
    I’m wondering how to go about this… I’ll try to be concise:

    Over a year ago I opened an account and made two blogs ( and I wanted the latter as a personal blog and the former for my business. I bought the $99 bundle package (stupid for my needs) and could have sworn I did it for the photography site. I went to upgrade (expired for 70 days now) and it says it can’t find the blog. I’m not sure if it’s because I deleted the zendegi23 one today but could have sworn it wasn’t working even before I did that. I went to upgrade to own and it says it is already taken, leading me to believe somehow it was tied to the wrong one from the start? I have no idea anymore. I clicked on “I already own it” and paid $13 to upgrade but wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing so got a refund immediately. I didn’t want to be locked-in to WP hosting.

    What I want to do is:
    Have my site hosted elsewhere so that I can upload any template I desire (which I gather is not allowed when WP hosts it, only basic and premium allowed, correct?). However, I want to use WP to handle my posting as it seems the easiest way.
    I thought I should delete the photography one and start over but I know you’re not allowed to reclaim used addresses, so I’m not rashly acting on that.

    Ideally I can find a host (any recs welcome!!), buy the domain, properly go about having it mapped to WP (the .wordpress one?), and smooth sailing by blogging from here. Just don’t want to make any irreversible mistakes or buy the wrong upgrades, please help! Thanks VERY much!


    The blog I need help with is



    Will you please read this comparison so you are clear on the differences between and which are completely separate?



    Thanks, timetheif! Forgot about the crucial difference as it’s been a while… The most customization that can take place on .com would be buying the $30 custom design and/or premium theme upgrades then? I’ll have to see if that will suffice and if not I guess I’ll start over with .org. Won’t I still have the problem of how to properly renew my domain? Still unsure how to go about it…



    Yes, that’s all the customization you could do here. The customization you can do with is limited only by your skill set. As for renewing a domain name, that depends where you bought it. If you bought it here, you can just renew it here and point it at your new site. Instructions for that are in the support documents

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