Generating Child Pages Links on the Parent Page and sibling pages.

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    Hello, when I create a child page I’d love for it to show up as a link at the top of it’s parent.

    I loved this youtube vid on do this – But when I tried it, it broke my WP site. Pages loaded as blank.

    I searched plugins and none said they work with latest WP, and/or were currently being supported.

    If I use a widget I would have to put them into the body or a sidebar. Nothing as clean as what was in the video above.

    I tried a shortcode solution I found – it did load a link to the child that belonged to that parent page, way below the page title, and no the far left, no padding, etc. So I’d have to figure out how to css-it, I’m not sure how.
    But did not function as the one’s in the video above.

    And thoughts on this… or recommendations….or ?

    I would really love to have this functionality.

    Thank you,



    Hi there,

    The account you’re using to post here doesn’t own any sites on, and the tutorial you link to applies to the open source WordPress software, not to If you have a self-hosted WordPress site, the best place to ask for help is the forums instead:

    We’re not able to help you here, as manually editing the theme files like in that tutorial is not possible on



    Oh, I didn’t realize that.

    Well, thank you for explaining anyway, that at least is very helpful :)

    I’m just to new to this all….




    Hope you manage to get it working :)

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