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Generating Money

  1. When I eventually go to .org, roughly how much do you think I'd make a day with 30,000 hits a month? I think I'm not far off that goal of that hits a month. So how much would I make and what's the best way to go about it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Most blogger I know, some of them getting twice the hits you mention, barely cover their hosting costs - if that. Probably more than half of them do not. $100 per year is about the typical average for most people, but that kind of depends on demographics. Some audiences are more likely to click on links than others.

    Also, more and more people are installing adblocking plugins/add-ons in their browsers. I've been using them for years and never see ads anywhere. If I do, I just right click and zap it and never see it again.

  3. I don't fully understand how adsense or any of that works TBH. I have loads of ideas to make money from just selling stuff once I get a bigger audience but need that before I spend money on hosting and stuff.

  4. I would say if you don't understand how advertising works, then you can expect to make $5 or less from a blog with a thousand views a day.

  5. @ourwweviews - if you want to make money via your blog from selling stuff, you need to find your target readership and focus on posting for and to them. Otherwise it'll just be a shot in the dark. The most important thing is to make your blog welcoming and genuine, ie - not like everyone else's. As for making money per day via selling, you won't.

    I sold some paintings via my blog (but on Redbubble, not direct from my blog) and I had nowhere near as many hits a month as you are getting, but my blog was friendly and focussed on its readers. (Not the one I have now, a previous blog).

    By the way, if you want to sell stuff on - be careful, there are only some things you can - for instance, arts, crafts, books, that you have written yourself. Otherwise it's against the terms of service.

  6. whoops, sorry, I see you mentioned selling on dot org. But what I said still applies.

  7. I make money from blogs off, and even with affiliate sales, advertising from a major network, and hits of 7k daily, they make less than $500 a month.

  8. @Abs - What about the likes of t-shirts from an online company except it's just customised site merchandise?

    @RainCoaster - If I could ever reach 500 a month I would be pretty happy, like I wouldn't just rely on my site as a job.

  9. Well, first get to 7k views a day AND get approved for premium affiliate sites like Linkshare. It's not easy.

  10. How and where can I Iearn about making money online? like is there a college course or what I can take?

  11. You've do better to search Google for those keywords 'making money online', you'll find loads of blogs and other sites that'll give you info. However, some of that info will be shite - you'll just have to sort through it and choose what feels right to you.

    As for merchandising sites, they're not blogs.

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