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Generating Site Map for Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Anyone know how to Generate Site Map for Google Webmaster Tools

  2. On you just can't do it... it requires access that you don't have.

  3. WordPress generates this automatically. No need to do anything. Just make sure that you verify your blog with google webmaster tools (you'll need to create a page with a code in the title that google selects for you; select "html page" as verification method in google). Once your site is verified you can see that google will start to use your sitemap.

    Btw, once yuo get the message from google that your blog is verified, you can make the page you created in your blog as a "private" one, so it doens't show up in your menu if you have one. Now and again, you'll have te reverify with google, and then you just temporarily make your google verification page "public" again (and then "private" again after verification is complete).

  4. sensuouscurmudgeon

    Your sitemap is already here:

    When prompted at the Google webmaster tools, that's the URL to give them. (Obviously, where I put "yourblogname" you will need to replace that with your blog name.)

  5. reddoorsanctuary

    To clarify that means that you can insert google analytics code on to your blog pages?

  6. No, you cannot use Google Analytics.

  7. great thanks all for your help

  8. You CAN use Google Webmaster Tools...I do all the time. You CANNOT use Analytics. They are seperate services.

    You cannot us Analytics since already uses it site wide, and duplicate Analytics accounts are not allowed within Google. Subdomains ( are counted as part of the whole domain.

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