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    I notice a small burst of comments showing up in spam. They don’t LOOK like spam. But maybe they are because the URLs given do not work, and 4 of 5 are from the same small subnet.

    Is this just an attempt to get unspammed and thus unblocked so they can spam later?

    The blog I need help with is



    You got it.



    Their “websites” are non-existant, or at least just don’t answer. Could it be they will work later on … and have bad stuff?

    I got their email addresses. Are they genuine or fake? I bet fake.

    The words they post are generic (except one that made reference to something not in my blog). So I wonder how they benefit. If I were to approve them, would that let then bypass their way in the next time using the same email, even if the email is fake?

    I do know genuine, logged in, WordPress or Gravatar users are able to be approved once (from the Pending queue) and subsequent comments go right in. I’m just trying to get an idea what Akismet is accomplishing, here, and what I might need to be on the lookout for. I do work in network security, but I have not dealt with comment spam before, so I am curious.



    It really is spam

    If you approve it they will come back and back and back.

    Please do mark this junk as spam.

    I absolutely guarantee that this stuff is spam.



    Akismet has protected your site from 247,491 spam comments. I deleted 85 such pseudo comments this morning that Akismet caught. I have found this article I will link to below has helped many new bloggers. Scroll down to “5 things every blogger should know about spam“. If you are looking for some tips on detecting spam pingbacks and trackbacks this may help too.



    Also, take a close look at the name of the commenter. For example, you may receive a rather generic but positive comment from someone who apparently thinks their name is “Game of Thrones Season 1” or “Hot Cars”.

    A surprising amount of folks have been missing this lately.



    This guy must have had some weird teachers in school.

    Imagine being told your name is that..

    It’s a spammer.



    @mark: good catch. That was an earlier one that slipped through. I’ve marked it spam. I don’t think Tucson Federal Credit Union is really in Lithuania.

    @macmanx: names were, taken one at a time, perhaps just exotic, but as a sudden group from the same /24 subnet, way way too suspicious.

    I’ll be looking more closely at their websites, now, too.

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