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Genericons Disappeared

  1. jordandaleyoung

    My genericons disappeared and are only showing up as their number (f204, etc). I didn't touch the code. It was fine just a couple hours ago.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. While I haven't heard of genericons before they are intriguing.

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  3. jordandaleyoung

    I figured it out. I have no idea why this happened, but every genericon reference number dropped it's backslash, so it became content: 'f301' rather than content: '\f301'

    I'm not sure what triggered that to happen, but once I changed that, it fixed the problem.

  4. Sometimes switching from the text (html) editor to the visual editor and back parts of legitimate code vanish or have odd tags added.

  5. jordandaleyoung

    Ah, perhaps that was a part. I'm also now unable to access the text editor, If I click to go to the text editor, it sends me to the visual. And clicking to go to the visual still sends me to the visual.

  6. Perhaps you are having a browser problem. Try these suggestions:

  7. Great find! (the backslash thing)

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