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Genuine question although not very serious....

  1. Copied this from my blog because I want maximum opportunities to get an answer.

    Does anyone know if you can fly in an airplane while wearing fancy dress? Are there security issues or any sort of rules that will mean that when I get to the airport I'll get turned away for my flight? Me and my friend are going in fancy dress. Nothing that covers our faces. Nothing that covers much really xD No, it's not too bad but it doesn't cover my face or stops me from being identified so I wouldn't think there would be a security issue but I have no idea if they have any rules about what you wear while flying....

    I think this is a ridiculously stupid question but I need to ask it because funnily enough it's not on the FAQ on the airline websites so I don't know how else I'll find the answer.... Help? :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It could make the pat-down somewhat lengthy. Just allow at least, and I mean AT LEAST an hour to get through security, and you should be fine. If the costume has lots of metal bits, you're going to be in trouble because they have to find EVERY bit of metal.

  3. Phone the airline and ask.

  4. No, phone the AIRPORT and ask. The airport is in charge of security.

  5. I misread this at first and thought you were asking if you could actually FLY an aeroplane in fancy dress. Lol.

  6. Raincoaster is spot on re the metal. Ypu would set off the scanners in a big way. Also skimpy may not be allowed.

    I am intrigued.why you want to fly in fancy dress. If going to a party, surely you would want to arrive fresh!

  7. @jessielansdel- i have a feeling they won't let me do that :P

    Right, it doesn't have any metal on it other than the zip but they don't usually go off do they. But that's fine about the metal detector. It is skimpy but no more skimpy than what other people might wear in normal clothes. Its an all in one but it's quite short. It's a short playsuit but it just so happens to be themed.
    I'll ring the airport and ask.

    @teamoyeniyi- I'm going on holiday and I intend to have mega mega fun and me and my friend wanted to do this just as an interesting way to beging our time away. But that'd be no good if we had to unpack an outfit and get changed before they let us fly hahah :)

  8. This sounds like a really interesting idea! I'd say best thing to do, as the others have said, is to phone the airport and ask, though I don't really see why you wouldn't be allowed. At least then you'll get a clear answer and know what to expect.

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