geo tag map does not show up onto my site.

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    I enable geotagging in my profile,
    enter location
    click find address
    click update.
    Then I go to dashboard enter new post and geo tagged map is in the post.
    When I publish and go to visit my site the map is not showing.
    Can any one tell me what I have either, done wrong, or, have I missed an important step out?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Where is public geo data exposed?
    Geotagged posts get marked up with the geo microformat, geo.position and ICBM meta tags, and GeoRSS and W3C geodata in feeds. All of this stuff is “machine readable”, not “human readable”; it’s hidden from view.

    We’ll soon be launching a bunch of human readable stuff like theme integration, widgets, shortcodes, maps, etc.



    Thanks for reply 1tess,
    sorry I do not understand the answer…
    Does it mean I can not insert maps yet until you have launched the other “human readable” things?



    It means that if you put in the geotagging data, only search engines and such can see it. Humans can’t.

    Staff say they are working on getting maps in there, but right now it doesn’t work.

    You could try the Platial mapkit widget, or just put in a Google map according to the instructions in the Support documents.



    Thanks raincoaster I will watch for the launch of the “human readable” version.

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