Geotagging: How can I display a map in my posts?

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    I have enabled geo-tagging in my user-settings (All three check-boxes ticked) and try do display a map in my posts. I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong, but I haven’t found it out after trying it for hours :)

    I see the “Location” box while editing a post, I can put it my location (All check boxes ticked) but when I save the post there is nothing to see about any locations in the final post.
    Are there some widgets I have to install, or do I need to enable any other features?

    I just thought, there will be a map displayed somewhere in the post, showing the location?!

    Thanks for help in advance!



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    I read and followed these instructions. But in the end it says: “We’ll soon be launching a bunch of human readable stuff like theme integration, widgets, shortcodes, maps, etc”

    Since the instructions are posted on September 27, 2010 I thought there might me some instructions available that also allow for including “human readable” stuff like maps?! At least I understand the upper instructions in the way, that the procedure just allows for including machine readable stuff (meaning no maps)

    Am I wrong in understanding the upper instructions?



    You’re not wrong; they just haven’t moved forward on this.

    Try searching the Support docs for Google Maps. That might help you.



    Thanks! That looks really great!

    But am I right that Google Maps is not picking the geoposition (attached to a post) and displaying it on the map? Or haven’t I found information about this?

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