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  1. Is it possible to make a gestbook page in the blog.?

  2. Some themes like Blix and Misty Look have contact pages that can function in this way. You can also create a "page" to function as a guestbook. Could you please provide more information? Do you have a specific guestbook in mind? And if so can point us to it by providing the link?

  3. Create a new Page at Dashboard -> Write -> Page and label it 'GuestBook'. Only works if you're using a theme that allows your visitors to comment on a Page. Search for guestbook just for reference.

    Outside Guestbooks are usually javascript of iframe driven. Those are removed from user input due to security concerns.

  4. I created myself a page called guestbook.

    Is it possible to get the last comment in top of the page.?

    Hope you understand me. My english is not so good. :-)

  5. @skogsmatrosen: It's possible that might be able to do it with the CSS upgrade. One of the people with CSS experience on the forum could probably help you with that.

    @CSS folks: skogsmatrosen is using Freshy

  6. Afraid not. The list of comments is determined by the underlying code. We can't change that.

  7. A new faq page was just made this weekend regarding guestbooks that you should check out:

  8. It's come up a couple of times. I thought we had one already actually.

  9. the thing is a bit more like a frappr(.com) map. your comments are linked to a place on a map, as far as a can tell.

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