get a blog which is already token!

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    I want to get a blog with this address
    but it is already token. I have tried to contact to owner but there was no response
    this blog has only 1 post posted in 2007 (I don’t know the language but it is the default post which is posted automatically in every blog)

    how can i get this address?

    The blog I need help with is


    If the blog owner did not reply to you, then there is no way. WordPress will not take a blog away from a blog owner to give to someone else, even if it has never been used.



    If they deleted the blog as you requested then it is gone forever. WordPress will not recycle any blog names.

    I think WordPress is missing a chance to make a few dollars, allow a moderated one way message or two to be sent to old blogs that have not been used, charge a few dollars to send a couple of messages to the last know email address, and help the transfer if someone is willing to give up the name. By having any messages moderated by Staff the privacy of the blog owners is still respected.

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