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  1. Voice your opinion on wordpress, free! Yes, that means your opinion is worthless. ;)

  2. isn't cheap/free that makes it sound bad, it's inexpensive. I've done business studies I know, I nearly failed my e-commerce for that.

  3. is free to bloggers. No wonder you nearly failed e-commerce.

  4. but it IS cheap? why deceive those reading into thinking you've spent a pile of money when you haven't. even the upgrades are cheap such that the word 'free' is still pretty darn accurate imo. :p

    it's funny because I don't mind it...what I DO mind is the word 'free' and then a blog being plastered with wordpress google ads...makes it look like I'm the one trying to make money when I'm not.

  5. Yes, the people using the Ad Free Blog button are particularly upset. I think we need to develop a "Those aren't MY cheezy looking ads" button.

  6. ad free blog button?

  7. Yes, there's an Ad-Free blog movement, and lots of bloggers display the button. They were not pleased to find out they actually had ads on their blogs.

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